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There are many different types of online/ virtual games available, so what makes players choose a Puzzle Panther created game?

We’ve asked some of our players and customers to find out! 

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  • Immersive gameplay - 

As the players get to email back and forth with a character or number of characters the story feels more immersive as if you are directly involved with the game, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what one of our users thinks; “The best thing about it was that because the engine sends emails in real time, it feels just like a player is having a conversation with a real in-game character”.

  • Instant replies - 

As games are played via an automated emailing system, messages are sent instantly and players don’t need to wait for a host to reply which keeps their game flowing. “What an awesome system! Every time I answered a puzzle the next one would pop into my emails and whenever I was stuck and needed a clue I could get one instantly, it was so easy to use, definitely going to be playing more email escape rooms in the future.”

  • Simple clue system - 

The easy to use clue system in place means players can ask for help whenever they need and get different levels of clues depending on how stuck on a puzzle they are. “Thanks for the games, they are really fun. Thanks for making it so that the clues will eventually give the answer when I’m stuck!"

It’s not just the players that love it but also the game creators, here’s why:  

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  • Simple step creation - 

Our platform breaks down the game build into simple and easy steps to help you create your game with ease. We also have a step by step guide you can follow if you need an extra helping hand.  Check out our step by step guide on how to create a digital escape room HERE!

  • Automated host -

 Creators have the ability to make a hosted game without needing to hire a real life host! Having an automated host also means there are no time slots customers need to book which means more sale potential for your game. 

  • Helpful and knowledgeable staff -

 We’re here to support you and bring your games and ideas to life! We’re always happy to answer any questions on game design or on using the Puzzle Panther platform "Working with Puzzle Panther has been great, their knowledge and support assisted us in bringing our ideas into digital reality.”

If you would like to create your own digital escape room then try out our virtual escape room creator for FREE HERE.