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  • What Can I use Puzzle Panther For?

    Three ways to use Puzzle Panther to enhance your business

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    Creative Marketing

    Building a fun mailing list

    Use Puzzle Panther to deliver an automated escape room (or rooms) to anyone who joins your mailing list.


    Use this as an incentive to get people who visit

    your website to join your mailing list and watch your mailing list grow!

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    A Paid Online Escape Room

    A fully automated online room

    Use Puzzle Panther to build a paid online escape room. Puzzle Panther can send your customers the puzzles, clues, and handle right/wrong answers.


    You write the narrative and the puzzles and let Puzzle Panther do the rest.

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    Create a Pre-play Experience

    Automated post booking games

    Use Puzzle Panther to interact with teams that have booked your live in person or online experiences.


    Build excitement for a team's booking by delivering automated email based narrative and puzzles to customers who book your existing rooms.

  • How it works


    Create your game

    Create a set of puzzles, clues and wrong answer responses. Using plain text email, rich email with images or links to external media.


    Let Puzzle Panther host your players

    Your customers interact with your game by sending emails.


    Puzzle Panther will interact with your players responding to them with clues and messages as if your players are interacting with a person.


    Send a congratulations email

    At the end of the game Puzzle Panther can send an email congratulating the player and letting them know how long it took them to escape.


    You can fully customise this email adding personal messages, share buttons and links to your other experiences.

  • Testimonials

    Check out who's using Puzzle Panther

    ON the left is The Panic Room logo and on the right is an image of a secret agent with E-scape and The agent inbox written on the bottom of the image.

    The Panic Room

    "It's a simple but elegant system that has gone down really well with our customers"

    "Working with Puzzle Panther has been great, their knowledge and support assisted us in bringing our ideas into digital reality.
    We look forward to creating more titles with their system.

    We would highly recommend working with Puzzle Panther if you are looking for a new online experience for your customers while lockdown continues and beyond."


    Check out The Panic Rooms games here.

    On the left is the Modern Fables logo and on the right is a multicoloured marble effect square with the game title Nexusurf written in the middle.

    Modern Fables

    "Puzzle Panther allowed us to take our physical Escape Rooms into a
    new space with ease"

    "Puzzle Panther were a joy to work with, providing us with
    extensive support during the development and deployment of our game.
    This meant we could get the most out of what they offered and create an
    awesome game with features that players hadn't seen before!"


    Check out Modern Fables game here.

    Two images. The one on top is a logo for The escape roomer, the writing is on top of a straight rainbow and is incased in a window shaped boarder. The image below is for a game with the words Shuttle Shambles written over an image of the earth seen from a space station window. The image also has the top logo on and the access escape logo as well.

    Mairi Spaceship - The Escape Roomer

    "It's a whole new level of immersion and was so easy to set up and implement"

    "Puzzle Panther allowed me to easily turn a text-based escape game idea I'd had into a reality. There's nothing else like it and it's really quite fantastic!
    The best thing about it was that because the engine sends emails in real time, it feels just like a player is having a conversation with a real in-game character.

    I would encourage everyone to consider adding a feature like this to their next escape game."


    Check out Mairi's work here Play Escape The Mailbox Free to see Puzzle Panther in action.

    The Escape The Mailbox series logo has series name on the lefthand side with "Online escape room series" underneath in a red box and "A free room every month" written underneath. To the right is a red American style postbox with a letter on the front and the Access Escape logo. The background is shades of black and gray making up different sized triangles.

    Access Escape

    "Puzzle Panther is the foundation of our games"

    The Escape The Mailbox series is hosted by Puzzle Panther and our players LOVE IT! We have over 3000 plays.


    Our players will first receive a email with the game story, once they email back the game begins and Puzzle Panther will interact with our players to give them the sense of another person interacting with them through email.


    Our mailing list jumped from tens to hundreds in less than a month and we are on the path to Thousands.


    Play Escape The Mailbox Free to see Puzzle Panther in action.

  • Pricing

    Pick A Plan Tailored For You


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    Perfect For Existing Room Owners



    per calendar month, (exc VAT)

    • 50 room plays / pcm
    • £0.90 per play after that
    • Create 2 rooms
    • Test for free before go live
    • Email from YOUR domain.
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    Business Scale

    Great for multiple projects



    per calendar month, (exc VAT)

    • 200 room plays / pcm
    • £0.45 per play after that
    • Create up to 10 rooms
    • Test for free before go live
    • Email from YOUR domain.
    A pale navy blue circle with a rocket ship shooting up and to the right in it. the rocket has fire coming out the bottom.

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